FINELLI, a fashion label born in Zurich that seamlessly blends urban streetwear aesthetics with timeless elements of art. Founded in 2019 by designer Khawar Awan, the brand has quickly gained popularity, captivating a diverse and enthusiastic following on social media.

At FINELLI, the mission is to provide an unparalleled premium experience by incorporating carefully selected fabrics and pushing the boundaries of innovative design. What sets the brand apart is the commitment to delivering high-quality clothing adorned with unique artworks that reflect their distinctive style.

From its beginnings, FINELLI has evolved into a comprehensive ready-to-wear collection, featuring a diverse range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, knitwear, pants, and jackets. The pieces showcase artistic graphics and empowering slogans.

In a fashion landscape where Switzerland often goes unnoticed, FINELLI aspires to change the narrative and put Switzerland on the global fashion map. Fostering the fashion industry in Switzerland, FINELLI recognizes the importance of supporting and promoting local talent.

Discover the FINELLI experience – where quality, innovation, and self-expression converge.