The massive overproduction of clothing poses a pressing problem. During the yarn spinning process alone, an astonishing 3 million tons of cotton are wasted annually. Given this immense waste of resources, we decided to find a solution to address this issue.


We are pleased to announce that our cotton fabrics now consist of an impressive 80% recycled materials.


Compared to traditional screen printing methods, digital printing is more environmentally friendly because it uses only the exact amount of ink needed for your design. This eliminates ink waste. Another advantage is that digital textile printing significantly reduces the amount of water and electricity required for screen preparation, printing, and cleaning.


We place great importance on the quality and excellent craftsmanship of our garments. Our goal is to make our products the favorites of our customers, so they are worn as long as possible. In the interest of a more sustainable future, we therefore develop particularly durable materials and invest in modern production facilities. True sustainability means quality that lasts a lifetime.


Our packaging is 100% plastic-free. We avoid polyester bags and other types of plastic packaging. Instead, the items are packed in our custom-made tote bags, which are made from recycled materials.


We maintain close relationships with our supply chain to ensure that our products are manufactured in the most responsible manner.